SCISLM Technical Advisory Group 

The TAG Team (technical backstopping agency) gives technical support to the teams implementing the project in different countries. 

The team comprises Dr Will Critchley, Sabina Di Prima and Wendy Tuyp of the Center for International Cooperation (CIS-VU).  After each visit the TAG team produces reports to the four countries.  


SCI-SLM_TAG BtO report 2009-03_GH 

SCI-SLM_TAG BtO report 2009-04_SA  

SCI-SLM_TAG BtO report 2009-05 MO  

SCI-SLM_TAG BtO report 2010-02_Ug


Ug_2011 02 SCI-SLM TAG BtO report

Sabina Di Prima of the TAG-team went on a short mission to Ghana from 24-27 July 2011. A briefer report of the mission can be read from the following: GH_2011_06_SCI-SLM_BtO report.

Centre for International Cooperation, VU University Amsterdam

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